Belle Dress

Continuing the Petticoat

I cut three panels to create the overlay. If I had to do so again, I would give myself a few more inches of leeway in the seam allowances. To save fabric, two of the panels were cut on the fold, but the third wasn’t. I used the split panel for the center back. I sewed the panels together and draped it over my dress form. The result is the image from the previous post.

The waist was a little big, but I plan to gather the top edge when inserting the waistband later.

Adding the Ruffle

To complete the first layer of the petticoat I wanted to add two ruffles to the bottom of the overlay.

Cut five 26″ by Width of Fabric (≈ 60″) rectangles. Next I sewed them together along the short edges with my serger creating a very long chain ≈ 300″ long. Then I finish the both long edges on the serger using a rolled him.

Folding the rectangle in half (creating a double layer 13″ x 300″ rectangle, I gathered the folded edge. I wanted my ruffles to be 12 inches wide on the finished petticoat. This worked out well.


A note on serging. I serged using woolly nylon thread in the looper. This seemed to work well and gave the hem a nice finished look.

After gathering I attached it to the bottom of the overlay and joined the ends.

Here was the result.


And the first layer of the petticoat is finished!

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