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Now that the underskirt is complete it is time to add some decoration!

I plan to add a lace overlay to the top of the skirt. Since I was not sure how much lace I would need I started by simply draping the lace over the underskirt.


I don’t want the lace to extend all of the way to the bottom, so I folded over the top edge to make an approximation for the length of the lace.


Since I prefer pleats rather than gathers I pinned the lace in pleats around the waist to see what fullness I could achieve.

It turned out that I needed more lace than expected. I used everything I had, but wish I had a few more yards. However, since I don’t know if it is still available I will just use what I have.

Once the lace was on place I played with different swoop sizes at the bottom of the lace to give the “Belle” effect to the dress.


First, I tried large swoops of fabric.


Then I tried a smaller size.


After considering both options I preferred the look of the smaller swoops.


There ended up being nine swoops around the width of the skirt.

I want to add a rose to the peak of each later 🙂

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