Belle Dress

Draping Lace

After my first few attempts at draping the lace I decided to try a different method.

I wanted to see how the swoops of lace would lay differently if there was a slit in the lace verses simply having the fabric gathered.


As you can see, a slit in the lace can create a longer and slimmer drop in the fabric.


However, you do lose a bit of the fullness that was present from just gathering.

I think I will go with a small slit, to add a bit of length, but hopefully keep much of the soft fullness of the gathered drapes.

2 thoughts on “Draping Lace”

  1. OMG I randomly found your blog, because I am (hopefully) attempting to take on this challenge for an upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast that I”m playing Belle in. I want my dress to be perfect so I want to make it vs renting something, but am completely overwhelmed at the prospect. I am so impressed by the work you’ve done already and can’t wait to see the finished product. It looks fantastic!!! I will definitely be following your blog as I begin my attempt to make my own. Great job!


    1. Congrats on your role! That is amazing! I will try to post my progress as soon as I finish each step. I hope it will be helpful to see. Good luck with your dress!


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